So a few strange events within the last week – worthy enough to note though:

Iguana tail amputation surgery. Poor Lunchbox’s tail got infected with some disease and started killing off his tail, with the disease rapidly moving toward his body. It’s not uncommon for iguana tails, at least the tips, to die and fall off, but this was strange. Randy didn’t have a choice of waiting until Monday for the Vet, so we set up a little surgery unit in his kitchen, prepped and sterilized everything. I held down the big guy wrapped in a towel (“the iguana burrito” we called it) and Randy did the job. Lunchbox squirmed a little bit but not as much as we thought he would. We’re sure he felt better afterwords b/c he wasn’t being infected anymore by this disease.

I ate a Pancake and Sausage on a stick: Randy snuck this Pancake-and-Sausage-on-a-Stick from a friend’s freezer. Heated in the microwave, poured a little syrup on top … more of a novelty than anything, it was …. interesting. A bit too sweet. Think corndog.

Finally saw the bond flick “Quantum of Solace.” yeah, couldn’t tell you what it was about b/c i fell asleep when…. well, i can’t even remember when I fell asleep. It was that interesting. Did we even find out what the Quantum of Solace was? Not really. But saw “Quarantine” – Despite my seemingly ongoing protest to watch horror movies every other time we’re at Blockbuster, this was a good one. A News crew follows a fire department’s response call to an apartment building where people are rapidly dying. All done from the perspective of the camera guy and reporter. Pretty good, even I’ll say.

It was a busy week and I can’t believe it’s Saturday already. It’s sunny more and more around here, which is nice. Started to deadhead plants in the gardens at the house and turned over soil at the vegetables gardens at Randy’s. This weekend is the annual Leavenworth, WA rock climbing trip with the Olympic College mountaineering class. Randy and I took the class two years ago and now we help out. We help with rock climbing, he helps with alpine climbs. I attempt to go on the alpine climbs but I’m probably more of a nusiance than a help.

But, I can’t rock climb these days because of my tweaked right wrist. But I’ll go on the trip for the good company, good food, great environment and to play “Camp Mom,” providing important provisions of chocoloate, cookies and tea.