I’m sitting in the dark of my living room. A brand new pedal-less road bike stands upright next to me, waiting for me to teach myself how to install the clipless pedals and then cleats on the special bike shoes. A plate of partially finished spaghetti and sauce and canned green beans sits next to me, a meal from my tenants who decided to share their extra dinner. It’s raining outside (surprise, surprise) but it’s a nice rain. A nice spring rain. The green leaves on the two maple trees in my front “yard” have finally sprung forth from their buds, nicely framing my blue-gray house and the white-trimmed deck. It’s 8:24 p.m. and it’s still light out.

You’d think after spending the past three days outside, the rain would be a bummer, but it’s almost a nice reprieve. It’s forcing me to be inside and feel cozy, rather than feel guilty for not being outside and weeding weeding weeding like I should be. Not that there aren’t small voices of the house nagging at me (clean the bathroom! Reorganize the garage! read over your re-fi documents! make that doctor’s appointment! turn off the damn computer! Put away the gear mess that is on your living room floor! Research summer vacation! Budget out that bathroom remodel you want to do! Research more Scuba gear!)

oh so many things.  Yet, I’ll probably  ignore it all (again) and settle down with a Girl Scout cookie and a glass of nicely aged Qupe for the season finale of How I Met Your Mother. But I will turn off the damn computer.