It’s slightly absurd how giddy I feel right now – mainly, because it was brought on by Twitter.

Since delving into the Twitterverse late last summer, and even more so after the Joshua Tree Tweetup, it’s been a pretty amazing community to be a part of, mainly with the climbers. I like Randy’s description best: “It’s like walking into a room of friends.”

And now, because of this small yet mighty social tool, the climbing community is starting the new year by supporting each other as a Tpup.

A Tpup is a member of the Tweep PullUp Team – as intiated and defined by Steph Davis who started this movement today and I think is amused and tickled by how many of us are catching on. She’s giving us general workouts and we all report back to share our successes.

It’s weird. I’ve never been so inspired and excited to go to the gym tomorrow morning to see what I can do – assisted? unassisted? let’s throw some crunches in there, maybe a push up or 10 in between Tpup sets?

Once again, the power of today’s media tools blows my mind. And a great way to start off climbing in 2010!