6:14 p.m. Adelaide Tuesday 3/22/11

I have no idea how much time i have left on my hostel internet card here but i’m going ot try and give this a go for a 15 minutes post.

After 20  hours of travel and a day that   wa taken away due to crossing the international date line (i’m assuming) i’m in the southwest corner of Australia, in the town of Glenelg, a small beach down just SW of Adelaide, the major town in South Australia. It’s very much a beach town, neighborhood. The weather thwarted our  beach plans, so yesterday was walkning along boardwalks and neighborhoods in Glenelg, then buying food and cooking an amazing meal of shrimp sauteed in butter and garlice, plus salad and bread with cheese, and amazing Australian wine. I bought Tim Tams and they are pretty goo d- c hocolate covered biscuits.

Today, March 22, we went into Adelaide via the tram ( i SO love public transit  outside the  US) and walked around a large enclosed market area, not unlike Pike Place Market. Rather, I ATE my way t horugh the market… first coffe and a Lambington (cake covered in chocolate and coconut) and then a Spinach/Feta parcel, then a nectarine, then an afternoon Australian tea while Reba and I walked around downtown Adelaide even more. Tonight – marlin and tuna, with salad, bread and vegetables cooked in cheese and creme friche. Totally stoked about it.

it’s a pretty sleepy town here, Glenelg/ The hostel is chill, an 1800s buliding covereted in to  a hostel. Tomorrow, Reba And i fly up to Ayers Rock for three days of hiking  in The Outback , then back to Adelaide to meet Jan again  for a day before we head northeast to Barossa Valley for two days of wi ne tasting.

OK, may or may not be 15 minutes, bu ti’m posting before i get kicked off … until later…