11:13 a.m.

It’s quite late in the morning and I still feel like I just rolled out of bed. It was a sorta early morning, with the alarm going off at 6:15, but in usual form, I didn’t drag out until 6:50ish, after hitting the alarm 3 or 4 times (?). My roommates in college hated bunking with me. I don’t know where I picked up the habit.

I’ve been telling myself the past few days that my work schedule would be writing in the a.m., video and photo editing in the afternoon. I’ve kept up the afternoon schedule, but the a.m. schedule has been a little more difficult. Other things come up – phone calls, stuff to post to our blog/web site (which takes way longer than I really ever think it should, for some reason).

I thought I’d do a little warm up, try to crack open the brain a little so I can crank out what should be a relatively easy story that is already written in my head.

The early morning wasn’t for going to the gym, which is customary for Tues-Wed-Thurs mornings, but it was for an MRI on my left knee. Stupid hamstring keeps cramping up while sitting still and bending but not bothersome while playing sports; doctor thinks it’s tendonitis in knee. Bah. That’s a new one I haven’t had yet. Add it to the list.

It will probably interfere with racquetball. I’ve been quite excited to learn how to play as it will be something nice, different and contrary to most of my sports, extremely cheap and accessible.

Oh I KNOW why I’m still bleary-eyed. It’s because I got to take a nap in the MRI machine. It’s similar to when I wake up at 6 a.m., decide I don’t want to go to the gym, reset the alarm to go off in another hour and then don’t really sleep. Then feel bleary all day.

I do hope I’m awake enough for tonight’s mountain bike ride. Don and Erin are tired of me making excuses for not joining them, so they started a campaign against me (rather, “FOR” me, as Erin says) to make sure I get my stuff together and have it ready on time. Don said, “Dude, I’ve seen your living room; it takes me 10 minutes to get my gear together.”

He’s right. I really don’t have an excuse. And yes, it did take me 10 minutes to get my stuff together. Less than that actually.

11:21. ummmm how much left. till 11:28. Right. Math. Hard. Not for me.

I never do this, but I’ll explore on a lovely little date I went on Monday night. It was really quite nice. Dinner at the Pub on Bainbridge Island, then picnic blanketing at Fay Bainbridge State park as we watched ship traffic go by, the clouds change formations and got to know each other. It was really one of the most pleasant dates I’ve had in a while.

What else what else what else – Oh Sister is due in early July, but she could pop any second – apparently she’s full term and well, she’s looked it for months. She’s allowing me to call her “The Ripe One.” My friend Brad coined that phrase a few years ago and I’ve been dying to use it. Thankfully, my sister is accomodating to her older sister’s ridiculous humor and has embraced it. Only to embrace completely freaking me out with her huge stretched out skin, stretched out belly button stomach. Everytime we get on Skype, I don’t see her face but The Belly. Then she dances for me. It grosses me out. That kid is going to have an interesting up bringing. I really hope that Kate and Michael get orders to come to Bremerton, that’d be so much fun. I was thinking yesterday how I could take Mike mountain biking and I’d get to teach the kid all sorts of things that his mother won’t let me teach him.

Ah, two minutes! Who would have thought I’d run out of things to say at two minutes!? The summer is shaping up nicely to be filled with absolutely nothing but fun – no training for ANYTHING – OK, maybe that Tour de Kitsap  that Erin and Don are making me do and the Warrior Dash, but NOTHING serious like last year. Good god that took a lot out of all of us who participated in that climb/fundraising/etc. I”m stoked that my July and August weekends are open but are quickly filling up. Now if only I could get into the routine of working weeknights in the garden and keep each weekend open for camping …

11:28 a.m.