Green bell peppers do not belong in a beef stew that cooks for 8 hours in a crock pot.

I really need new running shoes, a haircut, my eyebrows waxed, my fingernails buffed, and a new muffler on my car.

Hell, I just need a new car. Stella’s getting up there in age, at 245K.

I would really like to pull a Lorena Bobbitt on the next legislator who decides to voice his opinion about how the government should rule my uterus.

You can be mad as hell at the universe for something not working out (even though on paper it should) but it still doesn’t change anything. So, you move on.

I’m not grossed out after gutting and cleaning a whole fish.

On that note, as much as I try, no matter how fresh it is, I still can’t get as excited about eating salmon as I do shrimp, oysters and geoduck.

I tried to de-gear my home office by moving it all to the garage; however, after a week of being gearless in the house, I found that I go through it all on a regular basis (both for work and recreation) more than I thought. So, back to the office it goes.

Next organizing option: Get rid of desktop set up and upgrade to laptop, thus removing huge table in office. Replace with shelving.

Once again I am reminded that I am a technical writer.

Grumpiness this time of year seems to be easily remedied by purchasing pumpkins and cornstalks and decorating my porches with them.

I am hibernating and nesting way more than usual this year. No, I’m not pregnant.

If I’m at home on Sundays, I really like having the NFL on the TV as background noise, as well as the ability to pop in, watch a few plays, yell at the TV, then go back to my house project.

I’ve been looking at my straightened and clean house lately and wondering, ‘Um, what do I do at home now?”

Salami is no longer an option as camp food.