It’s a slow week so it’s a good time to kill these long hours by (trying to) catch up on a few video projects for work.

So, I start to transfer some video from my camera to my computer.

Warning! You’ve run out of space on your computer!

OK, so I need to transfer files from my computer to my external/backup drive. 

Warning! Your external drive that is PC-formatted won’t accept these Mac-formatted files! 

OK, so I need to reformat my PC-based external drive to accept the Mac files.

Warning! You’ll need to erase your external drive to reformat!

OK, so I need to back and re-back up six years worth of audio, video, photo and word files onto disks and online and also ask the boss for another external drive.

Good thing it’s a slow week. 

(And yes, I’m fully aware at how incredibly inept I am at backing up files and formatting stuff. And how unimpressive it is be able to fill up 750 GB hard drive in 9 months. I take a lot of video and photos.)