10:22 a.m.

It’s been a busy three months since I last wrote. I shamed myself on such a long period of time without posting and wondered why – oh, right I’ve been in the field for work for the past three months. Then other things happened that were sad and now everyone at work is trying to continue to work and keep fighting the good fight in honor of the man that we worked so hard for.

Within those three months, I’ve amassed a long list of stories to write (but have posted the pictures!) and a video or two to make. I want to get these stories started/done this week before Magazine Crunchtime starts next week (I’m assuming next week). They should be really easy to write, honestly, but I often overthink them and then struggle with it and then kick myself later when I just send a simple five paragraph story to my boss and he says, that’s good.

Oh angst how you are my friend AND my enemy.

I thought doing some speedwriting would help get started but I’m really not feeling much of it since I really don’t have much of anything interesting to say. Everyone knows about my shoulder issue since everything posted on Facebook makes it true and real. it’s weird in today’s conversations when I catch up with someone and they say, “Oh yeah, I read it on your Facebook.” And weird how it’s normal today too. 20 years ago that would have been creepy.  At the same time, it’s like a conversation starter for today’s age. “Hey I saw you went to Wales, that looked so cool, tell me more about it!” Or “hey, thanks for that link to that site for that information, it was really helpful!” or “hey you are SO BUSY, your posts make me tired just reading them.”

But ever since I had that  “come to jesus” moment with my shoulder (STOP EVERYTHING JUST STOP my shoulder was finally screaming at me), imagine that, it’s stopped bugging me. A teeny few swing moves the other night at the cabin sorta irritated it, as well as four hours and then five hours in the Jetta (god that is the most uncomfortable car to drive for long distances, seriously) but other than that, my scapula and sub-scap haven’t been sore like they have since I started PT in March. The cause of this whole ruckus, the torn tendon that connects the bicep to the shoulder is still tweaky and weak when I do certain things, but not nearly as bad as it was in March.  However, I do know my future holds an MRI and/or a steroid shot and/or if i’m not careful, surgery. Everyone has their own stories, horror and otherwise, they are sharing with me, which is fine, I like to hear all the possibilities of what I could go through. Just, well, it sucks. But at the same time (oooohhh here we go again) since I finally made the call that I’m not doing any major climbs or hikes or backpacks this year, I suddenly feel relaxed and no pressure on myself to do these things and give myself a break (DAD NO COMMENT FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY).

four minutes four minutes four minutes

really missing the nephew these days and we’re talking all the time on the phone and Skype and he’s telling me he’s running fast and he’s swimming and he’s coloring and he wants a big red car for his birthday. I’m going to go see him for his birthday and bring him his red car. I find myself looking at pictures and videos of him often on my sister’s FB. My favorite is a picture of a big squeezy hug he gave me at Thanksgiving. You can tell in both of our faces we’re squeezing as hard as we can (well, he is, I’d crush the bugger if I’d squeezed truly hard, so I just give him a hard nephew squeeze).

Anyway, almonds are almost gone – reminder –  need to buy those in bulk from Costco and not from the open bins at the grocery store as they are MUCH fresher in the bag. What an enticing way to end a 15 minutes of drivel as I’m staring at the clock waiting for 10:37 to hit come on come on come come on come on come on come on come one come on come on DONE.