I tend to do sudden Facebook vacations. Actually, I think about it all the time, wishing I could get off it but give myself some excuse why I have to stay on (see pictures of my nephew, read anecdotes about his little 3 year old life, keep on top of social events, get sucked into posts about cats dressed as sharks riding roombas, need to keep my account active since it’s connected to my work account). But this one was inspired by a friend who announced a Facebook vacation in August and I thought, “Man, that sounds pretty good right now.”

I tend to post post post (well, maybe not so much lately-been more of FB stalker really) and then announce I’m gone and then bam, I’m gone and it feels so good. And honestly who should really give a rat’s ass whether I’m on or not, but apparently a fair amount do. My email and/or Facebook comments/message inbox (Really? After I just said I’m not getting on FB? How bright are you really? Why are we friends anyway? Did you really read my post?) will usually fill with messages from folks, asking “OMG really? You’re on it all the time, you put up good stuff, are you OK, is someone stalking you?” (no joke, that last one really was asked the last time I did this).

For eff’s sake, no. Calm the hell down. Here’s your goddamn answer. (I know some of you are asking, “Why do you need to explain yourself?” Good question. Excuse to write on the blog?)

I find myself on it all the time and frankly, it’s really annoying me. I’ve tried to control it, put myself on a schedule to check it and even block it for hours at a time. But honestly, I’m so bored with life right now, it’s a way to fill up that boredom and avoid/procrastinate things that I should be doing. Anything from cleaning out that closet to working in the garden to planning out that trip to doing some bigger and deeper soul searching for what’s next in life.

Yes, I’m also confirming right now, publicly, that I do have someone special in my life right now and I’d like to focus on that (no, it’s not THAT serious but it’s fun) as well as some professional ideas that I’d like explore.

I’m aware of my regular social events. I don’t rely on social media for mountain rescue. The people I stay in touch with the most, I do mostly over email, instant message, text and phone calls.

Plus, despite how much we tell everyone how much it rains and is miserable here in the Pacific Northwest, it is unbelievably goddamn gorgeous here these days and why the hell do I want to waste it in front of a stupid screen?

So, there you have it. The app has been deleted from my phone and who knows, you may see more stuff here.

Now, get off your computer and go outside, you fool. What the hell are you doing reading this drivel?

(And yes, I’m fully aware of the irony of my previous post and this one).