Day 3 – Saturday, Oct 4, 2014

Breakfast – leftover zuke soup with pork roast

Lunch – leftover Day 2 dinner of pork, parsnips, yam, carrots, green beans

Dinner – cold pork and broccoli dipped in sunshine sauce

Snacks: zuke soup, nuts

There seems to be a pattern here. But it doesn’t surprise me, as I do this normally – eat the hell out of my leftovers. I don’t know how people can NOT eat leftovers. Usually, they taste better the day after.  I’m the Queen of making extra and eating them for several days. Even ask my college roommates. Anything is edible when reheated and salsa is tossed on top.

The day went alright, but I do recall wanting to snack so I tried to stay busy. The snack of soup helped, kept me feeling full.

The energy slump hit, and hit HARD while working in the yard and pulling weeds though. OY. Going to bed I had a bit of a headache.

Seriously, am I really reacting this hard to lack of sugar in my diet?

Also purchased “Well Fed 2”, the cookbook from the blogger whose recipes I’m making. Totally salivating over those pictures and MORE ideas. I thought about purchasing the original book explaining the theories behind Whole30 but at 9:45 p.m. it looked too science-y and wasn’t nearly as appealing as the cookbook! (I’ll eventually get it and cherry pick through it though).

Day 4, Sunday Oct 5, 2014

Breakfast – 2 eggs, kale, avocado, tomatillo sauce, tea

Lunch – zuke noodles topped with roasted pork and moroccan dipping sauce/dressing, veggies dipped in sunshine sauce

Dinner – leftover veggies and pork dinner from Day 2.

Snack – lot of almonds, sunflower seeds, zuke soup with pork

Today was rough but mostly on this morning’s four mile hike, a very relaxed flat walk with just one short steep section. About 45 minutes into it, I was feeling pretty hungry, kinda lightheaded. Thankfully we stopped sooner for lunch than we anticipated and I loaded up. Brian brought an apple and I think that helped some. I felt a little better hiking out but was thankful when we got in the car.

An hour and a half later when he dropped me off, I was ready to crash, yet starving again. I had another cup of zuke soup and pork roast. That dish alone is such a killer for zapping the fatigue. But I still haven’t gotten to the “KILL ALL THE THINGS” phase. Just fatigue and wanting to take naps. Thankfully, the daily emails from Whole30 recommend taking it easy and napping, the latter of which I can do very well. But after the zuke snack, I did some light gardening, then crashed on the couch for 15-20 minutes and felt better.

Went to the store tonight to get food to make for days 5-12 (Monday – Sunday). Tried to find bacon with no sugar in it and nada. Need to hit up farmers market this thursday to get some from there. Just cranked out the Coconut Curry (tasty!), roasted an acorn squash to make into mashers, and am prepping the ingredients for a quiche tomorrow morning.

At some point this week, I want to try the mustard garlic brussel sprouts and make a meat sauce for the exorbitant amounts of zuke noodles and spaghetti squash I have on hand.

Putting on my GGGRRRRRR face and plodding on. WATER IS AWESOME. SO AWESOME. YES.