Tuesday, October 7, 2014

(I swear I have not written this consistently in I don’t know how long. It’s nice to have a regular purpose for this blog for once.)

Breakfast – HUGE slice of the breakfast quiche with the avy and tomatillo sauce (making breakfast like this is SO brilliant).

Lunch – spaghetti squash, ground beef, a little avocado, apple and sunflower seeds

Dinner – SUPER late dinner – coconut curry and spaghetti squash

Snack – almonds

Woke up with a kind of “sickly” feeling, but that’s to be expected, from what I understand. But a little food and tea in me and I’m better. Woke up pretty groggy though, even for going to bed at 10:30 p.m. and alarm going off just before 7 a.m. 8.5 hours of sleep. It’s paying off. As is all the water I’m drinking. The Timeline of Terrible Feelings said around this time I’d hit a energy low/sleepiness before my energy starts to balance out.

Today is an office day, and the lunch bag is brimming with fruit, nuts, veggies, Sunshine Sauce and two containers of beef and spaghetti squash (to be topped with avocado) (which is honestly no different than what I’d bring to work in my usual eating regiment). We’ll see how the day goes. I actually have an at-home evening. May try and crank out a meat sauce for the spaghetti squash and zuke noodles. I will saute the zuke noodles too to see if my belly likes them better.

Mid-day check in: The day is going well – no real cravings and a steady feeling of awareness but slightly slumping energy level. Fog outside isn’t helping.

The rest of the day went well. Didn’t get to dinner until 9:30 p.m. (whoops) because I wound up going shopping for a baby shower I’ll be hosting in 10 days. Surprisingly though, I really didn’t get super hungry until after 8 p.m. The suggestions from the Whole30 plan that because I’m eating nothing but good fats and proteins and carbs (veggies and fruit), I’m staying fuller longer and not feeling the need to snack as much is proving itself true.

And man, 10 p.m. hit and I was toast.