However, when one’s life is pretty much just working and working out daily for knee rehab, there’s not a lot of time for other things.

My gardens definitely were ignored. I was lucky to get plants in the ground and harvest tomatoes and cucumbers this summer. I realized too that I couldn’t do intensive yardwork so not to strain the knee, nor could I kneel or squat very well.

Once I got the go-ahead to start going to the gym in spring, sewing was tucked away in a corner (I consider sewing a winter activity anyway).

I’d say the most productive thing I did around the house this year was learning about “KonMari-ing” or as Brian puts it, buying a book on “How To Throw Sh*t Away.”

Regardless what it’s called and who believes in it or not, it worked. I have a much more organized house. The only categories left to clean are the garage and the momentos/personal items, which I keep putting off the latter for obvious reasons.

Just as I decided to start putting some money into the house in late summer (took out a few trees), I spontaneously decided I needed a real vacation and headed to Ireland for 2 weeks. Best decision ever.

Then my tenants moved out around the same time and I’ve been dragging my feet on cleaning/upgrading/modifying the apartment since mid-October. But it’s 99.999999% done now and I hope to have a renter in there within the next two weeks.

Also, there was that whole No Hot Water For Three Weeks that put a delay on things. Hooray for new hot water tank (Tankless/on demand)!

But now as I move away from physical-therapyish daily workouts and into more normal-person workouts, as well as test knee/quad strength in the field, I hope PLAN ON 2016 being full of more creativity, more outdoors and more yard time.

It’s a bit early, but I’ve been assessing the year and thinking about next year. A quick list:

  • Start trail running on a regular basis – Thinking back over what sports and movements I’ve participated in the past 20 years, and what really makes me feel alive, trailing running really does it, more so than backpacking, climbing, hiking and snow sports. It’s equivalent to that one amazing ski run of the day, where the snow is perfect and your form is perfect and the sky is blue and that run made you feel like you are THE BEST SKIER IN THE WORLD. Trail running gives me that same feeling, but on a more consistent basis. And you get filthy and muddy in the process. And get snacks on trail. And less chance of tearing knee ligaments. And less wear and tear on knees compared to pounding cement. And WAY less gear.
  • Also, more yoga. Turns out YOU CAN get a yoga body by doing it 3-5x a week. And it’s helped considerably with rehab.
  • Get to North Carolina in May to run a race with my Emers, drink beer with Tiger, and snuggle with their girls.
  • Get those sewing projects done (quilts, chair cover, mend some clothing).
  • Finish two woodworking projects – mirror frame for the bathroom and tree stump-turned-coffeetable for living room.
  • Climb Mt. Baker: Once I can successfully climb a volcano again, and sustain the endurance that it takes to do so, then I believe I will be strong enough to go back into the field for mountain rescue. Maybe even get up Mt. St. Helens in a dress on Mother’s Day.
  • Crank out another section of the backyard landscape project. Three down, about 3 or 4 to go. This year: plants in the middle garden and save money for new patio construction.
  • KonMari that damn garage and momentos pile (which will actually be the most amazing feeling in the world when finally done. Like trail running).