Three Days of Celebrating Grandpa

Wednesday 6 p.m. Oct 21

gmagpaI’m sitting in my grandparent’s home office in Houston and drinking coffee out of the “Grandpa Ohio University” mug, while Uncle Tim calls old friends and neighbors. I’ve started to look at pictures of him, but have to back away. It’s hard. He was married to my grandmother for 63 years. He went peacefully in his sleep after a long hard year of illness and being in and out of the hospital. What started out with going into the hospital for a broken hip turned in to a year of him fighting like hell to keep on pushing his will to live for his family and mostly, his wife. While his hip got better, the doctors diagnosed him with a bevy of issues, such as pulmonary fibrosis and a form of leukemia. The poor man was on oxygen from the day he entered the hospital on October 5, 2008 until he passed away October 19, 2009. Prior to that fateful day in 2008, he’d been taking care of Grandma, who is in the early stages of Alzehimers. He was paying bills, cooking meals and keeping the house going.

Today, more than a year later, and almost a year since I’d seen him, I’m writing up notes to speak at his funeral, while making a CD of music for the visitation.

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