More like Recovering-From-Homebrewers-Meeting last night. Kind of like StrangeBrew in Port Townsend (pickle, cactus, chili pepper beers offered – very yummy), except last night was a bunch of dudes and their homebrews – most of which were pretty tasty. Chocolate raspberry port, some intense and not-so-intense IPAs, various Barleywines. But I think I was digging more the seven-layer taco dip and pasta salad for some reason. Tonight – off to Silvercity for some more local brew and friends. Then I SWEAR – no more drinking. At least until my weekend April 4-5 with Reba and Beth at Lake Quinault… bring on the Boones!

Also considering purchasing this bike in the near future:

I’ve been riding a mountain bike with road slicks for 10 years now. As my intensity for biking has increased over the past few years, finally decided it’s time to get serious about getting a great road bike. Plus, I can’t let Reba continue to leave me in the dust with her Fuji! I’ll still use the mountain bike for trail riding on Wednesdays this summer, plus use it as a commuter bike.