The feeing that I never thought would come has arrived.

It’s actually two month early. OK, six weeks early.

It hit me hard the other day. Monday morning, I believe. I was getting ready for work. I was stepping out of the shower and happened to turn toward the window. The way the light was shining clued me into the relieved feeling that suddenly came over me.

Spring is finally here in Washington State. It still may be gray outside most of the time. But the light… the light is finally here! And it will only get lighter until mid-June. I cannot emphasize enough how important that is. Every winter it gets harder and harder to live out here. The shortened dark days zap my body of any sense of normalcy. In fact, you sort of forget what “normalcy” feels like after awhile. In prep for Hawaii, Randy and I went to the tanning bed so we didn’t fry under the tropical heat. I walked out of my first session and noted, “Wow. I actually feel like a normal person. I don’t feel like wanting to kill someone. Amazing what Vitamin D will do to a person.”

The mystery gardens I inherited with the house are starting to sprout colorful flowers. Patches of thick dark-green leaves are shooting up all over the place. I even have daffodils!!! The thought of converting every inch of my gardens into tulips beds is fascinating. But that will wait until this fall. Right now, let’s just see what pops up… I do hope the lilac bush blooms – lilacs are my favorite! And let’s see if I can keep some Gerberia daisies alive too.


As I made the transition from work-related computer work to non-work related computer work this evening, I started doing that “one website leads to another web site leads to a blog leads to a blog leads to a blog….” So, in the same fashion I seem to find them, I’ll share:

I’ve never seen a sandwich so beautifully displayed.

Guys apparently like Disney-like movies? How in the sam hill does one get a guy to sit down to watch this without being forced by a demanding child? Enchanted?

One Tiny Critic – Hilarious!

that is all. off to attempt Day 2 of training.