I was ready to write 15 minutes ago but got distracted. Don’t really feel like writing anymore, but I’m going to do it anyway. And for 15 minutes. I apparently miss having strict newspaper deadlines.

Post-writing, I will start researching “The Gunks” – where I’ll be in three weeks, with Randy and a guide, climbing some rock in upstate New York. I was told last night that 5.4s have roofs and overhangs. I don’t do roofs and overhangs.

I woke at 4 a.m. with anxiety about it (plus other things). I kept telling myself that, based on previous experience, I know that if I research and educate myself about the area and do some technique training, plus tunnel-vision at the gym, I’ll be fine. My method of accomplishing something big goes like this: seed idea, freak out about it, calm down, read about it, then kick it’s butt and do it better than I ever thought I could do. While the length of time for each phase varies, I still go through it. Mountain climbing, skiing, triathlons, running, writing. Same method applies to all.

Right now, I’m at Calm Down/Read About It.

So – I’m going to pull a Randy and eat, drink, breath and live rock climbing through Labor Day weekend. Heh, it’ll be like a test to see if I’d really like to hard-core it as a rock climber or if I still prefer my variety of climbing, hiking, yoga and biking. I have to admit, I’m getting a little tired of being stuck at my current climbing level. Granted, I haven’t climbed (or much of anything other than just pure fun chill recreation) in the past month, but last night’s gym session taught me a few things:

I’m still pulling solid 5.9s  (yay)

I like traversing in the gym more than bouldering (noticed technique improved greatly as I climbed, then traversed, climbed, traversed for 90 minutes. Randy was critiquing me on more and more too, so i’m assuming he was noticing my technique was improving – hopefully (?))

I like the 5.? routes they’ve been setting at the gym (you vote on how hard you think they are). I’m finding that I like to jump on stuff that i don’t know the grade. I did that before at Exit 38 and nearly finished a 10d, which was  nowhere near my climbing level at the time.  Talk about a confidence booster.

Tonight’s lessons: Patience. Something I hate to admit that I don’t have much of. Maybe I’ll learn one of these days. And to work my triceps, study Steph Davis and take rests to shake it out. Thanks to “The” Rock Climber Girl.

Thanks to support at VW from the staff and my girls, Randy and his friends sense of adventure, some self-motivated training and learning, I’ll make it.

Post Note, 1 hour later: Feeling better. Rock looks interesting there. videos of roof climbing looks totally fun. found out a high school classmate is a kick-ass champion climber living in Utah. Lauren Lee. Check her out!