The  journal-like-entry/report of what mom and i did for two straight weeks – no wonder i nearly got sick (no one will find this entry interesting other than me and mom):

Wednesday – mom flies in. we go toaster shopping and head home. Got a little work done while mom settled in. Went to boathouse for dinner and had their fish tacos and halibut fish and chips (the only two good things on the menu).

Thursday – Worked at home and did market that evening.

Friday – went to work at the office and attended a funeral for a co-worker. Made mom come along. Had a tribal dinner, then drank with my coworkers after the reception.

Saturday – I think it was the only day we slept in. it was a busy something, I’m sure though. But honestly don’t remember. Did a bbq at randy’s that night.

Sunday – HiLos for breakfast with Maria, Erin and Mom. Then went biking on the Olympic Discovery Trail in Sequim. Biked about 14 miles roundtrip. Mom did a great job on the bike and really liked the gel seat. Then off to SunnyFarms to pick up a late lunch/early dinner, then ate it in the picnic area of Olympic Wine Cellars. Tasted wine and headed back home.  Had cereal for dinner on the front porch.

Monday – Worked at home while mom started ripping out the old stuff in  my front and east side yard gardens. I joined her about 5 p.m. and we worked until dark, ripping everything out. Took about 3-4 hours. Couldn’t imagine doing it by myself. Had Subway for dinner on the front porch.

Tuesday – worked at home while mom started ripping out the bamboo on the west side of the house. She avoided me b/c I was cranky and hot and sitting in front of a computer. We went to the mall to find cool relief and do some birthday shopping. Invited Randy over for dinner, but when we hit the house, we said, screw this, the house is too hot to cook, we’re all going to Toadhouse for beer and pizza.

Wednesday – Bloody Damn Hot. We went into work to get away from the heat of the house, but it wasn’t much better there. The A/C wasn’t functioning well. At 11 a.m. I called a Super 8 in Bremerton and reserved a room. Ate PB&J sandwiches for dinner. Went to bed at 10 p.m., the first time in I don’t know how long.

Thursday – Woke up in hotel, Worked in room until we had to leave. Try to head back to the house at noon, but the car’s battery is dead. So after a jump from hotel management, we head out to get a battery replacement at Les Schwab. Besides the bill, they also decide to let me know I have 20% use of my front brake pads (figured that) and struts need to be replaced. At this point, I think, well might as well get oil changed while we’re at it. Ran over to Oil Can Henry’s to give them a try. A free USA Today and $54 later (!), we were headed back to the house. Finally. Only to clean the house, eat dinner, pack and head to Shelton to spend the night, so we could be at work event Friday a.m.

Friday – Work Event at Squaxin Island Event Center – got to stay the night before in the casino hotel! Then drove to Portland with coworkers.

Saturday – Portland – I had a “Digital Journalism Camp” conference; she went shopping – got to stay the night at a Hilton!

Sunday – Kayaking at Lake Union (rough waters via SeaFair boaters) with Rebekah, her mom and Beth, Aqua Verde for margaritas and fish tacos, ice cream, See Rebekah’s new place and back to the house. We grill out with Randy at my house.

Monday – Plumber comes to snake the house common drain and kindly does a video inspection for free. Found a piece of PVC randomly hanging out in the pipe and, yep, have broken pipes and tree roots. After that disaster, headed to Canoe Journey Landing at Suquamish for five hours. We hitched a ride on one of the school buses to get there after none seemed to be around. I made mom start walking the mile or so to the landing sight, but thankfully, a bus drove by. Mom hung with my coworkers while I video’d and photographed for a long while. Afterwards, tried out TapRoom Grill or whatever the NW-themed restaurant is in Poulsbo. Pretty good actually.

Tuesday – I went to the office for the first time in I don’t know how long and she went to Seattle to visit an old high school classmate. Met back at the house and decided to make Grandpa’s Fetticuine Alfredo: Jar of Alfredo sauce, pour in pan. Add mushrooms and garlic. Mix in cooked noodles. Done. 🙂  My goal was to NOT eat at 9 p.m. but stopping to do a 30 minute video tour of my house didn’t help the effort.

Wednesday: took mom back to airport. 😦