A little 15 minute writing warm up before I knuckle down and focus on the work of the day, which includes some writing and learning about Adobe Premiere Elements. This is an experiment, and all before any tea or food, so we’ll see how well I can execute this. I’d like to make this a habit. (the writing, not the lack of tea and food).

time check: 8:45 a.m.

Life has finally calmed down a bit since getting back from the New York/Gunks Trip. But not without a trip back to New York, this time NYC, for a 30th Birthday girls weekend celebration for Reba and Beth. I have a draft of that story almost ready for posting … may be later today.

The natural light coming into the house had a hint of deep deep fall/almost-winter to it. Fog has shrouded Bremerton down to the streets, and the house has a chill to it. It’s reminding me quickly of the approaching darkness and a little bit of November and Christmas. I’m accepting the changing of the seasons even though it happens way faster than I’d like. But the feeling of snuggly down jackets, warm fleece hats and heavy seasonal beers to warm the body after a good day of climbing or biking is enticing.

That’ll happen this weekend when Reba and I head to Leavenworth for our long-planned-get-her-out-of-the-city trip to hike and bike. We’ll hike in as close as we can to the Enchantments, seek out Larch trees and lovely views. We’ll head back to down into Bavarian-themed town to eat and drink with our climbing counterparts, then camp out. Sunday we’ll bike, probably grab a snack and head back to the city that afternoon.

After getting much razzing about being on Twitter, and how excellent it is for interacting with the climbing community (thanks to Rock Climber Girl), I”ve convinced Randy that we’re going to Joshua Tree in November to climb with several of these new-found climbing acquaintances. Several of them have excellent blogs and are quite supportive in our little Twitter universe, spouting off about where we can get the best food, pictures of climbing, great gear and where to get awesome chocoloate and snacks (OK, that’s more of the #badassgirls crew …. )

Speaking of Rock Climber Girl and #badassgirls, she has tons of love and support following her as she heads to Nepal for the next six weeks as part of a research and development team through Hanes, Champion and Duofold sportswear. They are making their introduction into the climbing gear industry, putting out some pretty intense, high-tech amazing stuff. Our girl Sara is going to be part of the support team as Canadian mountaineer Jamie Clark and others make a summit attempt on Mt. Pumori. The trip is for gear testing and training for Jamie and his crew for next year’s Everest bid. I visited with Sara Monday night and her three duffel bags, stuffed, were ready to go. In her lovely demeanor, she seemed quite relaxed and ready to hit the road. Many of us have been on wondering what we’re going to do the next six weeks without her …

OK a few minutes left: While Sara’s gone, @cjedmonston and I will be handling rockclimbergirl.com and guest bloggers, as well as blogging some of our own, so go and check it out.

Also, this week start’s my bid for my own summit – to raise money for Summit For Someone, through Big City Mountaineers. I never know how to explain this (it’s like trying to explain my job, not easy), but basically, I’m raising funds to support the  non-profit that provides wilderness experiences for at-risk urban youth. Love that idea!!!  In addition to raising money from now through July 18, 2010 I will be also training for a summit attempt at Mt. Rainier Aug. 18-21, with an all-women team, lead by an experienced Mt. Everest woman climber. Sara is on the team as well. Looking for fund-raising ideas… as well as funds: here’s my donation page. Any support would be appreciated!

OK, that’s it – alright, went over by 10 minutes. need to fix that. off to Adobeland ….