This is how non-techie I am: I didn’t think I’d need my power source cord and battery pack for a WordPress blog camp in Portland based on previous experience (limited space issues the last time we were there for a similar conference). Also thought I’d pay attention to others and get in a little time on the computer, but not so much I’d drain the battery.

So, so wrong.

So I “twitter”ed the old fashioned way – pen and paper (ohmygawd!).

Mainly, my thoughts when the founder of WordPress, Matt, stood up to take questions and speak.

–        OMG wordpress founder Matt sitting right behind me! #geeksqueal

–        He’s toasting to open source with a Widmer Hefe in one hand

–        He wants to know how you do a hippie “Howdy” (he’s from Texas). PNWers shaking their heads.

–        He’s talking about things that I just don’t understand but I’m still enjoying listening to him.

–        Note to self – check his blog : “Six Steps to Kill Your (blog) Community”

–        25 years old, Saturday morning scruff, humble and looks just like the rest of us

Bonus: Won a raffle prize too from a blogging guru – “Blogging Tips: What bloggers won’t tell you about blogging” By Lorelle VanFossen

Another post- conference blog soon: Why do it?