It’s my birthday this week, the big 31! And I hope you celebrate it with me!

We don’t have to meet in person, you don’t have to buy me a beer, I won’t even make you go climbing or hiking with me. You can celebrate from there, at your desk during lunch, from your phone at Starbucks or at home on the couch.

I’m just asking that you celebrate with me by donating to a good cause.

I’m raising money for Big City Mountaineers, a non-profit that gives inner city youth all over America the chance to experience backpacking and canoeing.

What’s so great about Big City Mountaineers is that it has opened my eyes to those who have not had the same opportunities when it comes to the outdoors. I ran around the woods, played in creeks and learned how to canoe and camp with my friends in Ohio. I never thought about how others just don’t have those same opportunities until recently. It seems simple enough – just walk out your backdoor with your friends and go exploring, right?

Not so much for some kids. And here’s a great video that explores this further: (this video makes me tear up every time).

So, I’ve dedicated this year to raising $4,000 for Big City Mountaineers, as well as bring awareness to the cause by climbing the 14,411-foot-tall Mt. Rainier, which happens to be in my backyard, this August.

As part of my fund-raising efforts, and for my birthday this week, I’m asking folks for a suggested donation of $31, or whatever you feel comfortable with. Every donation gets a teen closer to the outdoors!

Can you help me reach this summit? If each of you donated just a bit, this goal would be reached in no time!

To donate, please go here:

Thank you for your support!!!