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After wasting 600 words of my brain drafting a negative post recently about how mentally and physically crappy I felt about 2010 and how I’m clueless about 2011, I decided to check Twitter for a second and my friend Katie posted this article from Nerd Fitness:

Well, that was just a kick to my pity-party, Negative-Nelly ass. Kinda like when @RedHeadedWriting bitch slaps the world and tells everyone to stop whining and F’ off and go do something with themselves.

I scratched my head and that stupid foggy cloud over my head lifted. Then I started thinking about the goals of 2011 and the future. It’s all part of the way my head works when it comes to something big: panic, fret, get upset, complain then buckle down and be productive. Read the rest of this entry »

More like Panic Attack.

It’s 2.5 weeks to Rainier.

I’m as trained as I’m going to be, given shoulder/back issues that have prevented a nice variety of cross training. But Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Camp Muir 2x are all under my belt and I did pretty good on each one.

All my fundraising money has come in, plus some – $4,085!  – thanks to everyone out there who was gracious enough to deal with my incessant begging, pleading, dramatizing, party-throwing, cooking-baking and again, begging, tactics.

I have 99.99% of all my gear purchased, rented, borrowed and planned (except those damn hardshell pants – can’t decide if the low end Sierra Designs will suffice or I should buck up and purchase some GoreTex). (and Trekking Poles, please don’t be stubborn and please cooperate on Aug 20, ‘K?).

But there’s one piece of gear that’s got me on edge. The ONE THING I wasn’t planning on having to worry about.

The Pack. The Bloody Freakin’ Pack. Read the rest of this entry »

Monday July 12, 2010

I think I’m finally starting to get it.

It could have something to do with the perfect weather, the great mentors and the lung-burning, headache-inducing desire to get there.

Mt. Adams' shadow at sunrise.

OK. I may be a little dramatic right there. But, according to my climbing partners, I “ran” to the top of Mt. Adams. But at 12,200 feet, you don’t run. I just picked up the pace. I couldn’t help it. The summit was right there. I could taste it. I could almost touch it. I could see others on top of it. It was my turn. Read the rest of this entry »

15 minutes: 10:56 a.m. July 4, 2010

I went for a run today. I find I typically like to go for a good long run on holidays. Off the couch even, for a good hour or so, it feels great, no matter what.

As I got deeper into it, randomly throwing in hills here and there, mapping out my route in my head as I turned a corner or reached a ridge, making this run longer than I intended, I got to thinking about this whole patriotic/freedom thing. And I realized how thankful I was for being able to run in clean, safe neighborhoods. I didn’t have to worry about being unsafe, kidnapped or threatened. I’m a woman free to do her thing. I’m a person in a country with no rules over my head about how much skin I can show in public, how to wear anything, how to walk, talk, behave. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s my birthday this week, the big 31! And I hope you celebrate it with me!

We don’t have to meet in person, you don’t have to buy me a beer, I won’t even make you go climbing or hiking with me. You can celebrate from there, at your desk during lunch, from your phone at Starbucks or at home on the couch.

I’m just asking that you celebrate with me by donating to a good cause.

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I’ve been wanting to do this little recap lately, to reflect a little on the past, but mainly to make myself accountable for the future. I’ll admit, I’m stealing this idea from the various blogs that I read.

Pursuits for 2010:

Wear more dresses

Fight cravings for coffee (which i don’t really like much in the first place) and reach for tea instead

Hit up some PNW classics – Mt. Adams, Mt. Constance, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Si, Seven Lakes Basin, Royal Basin

Raise $4,000 and climb Mt. Rainier

Climb more with the ladies

Climbing solid 10bs in the gym by June, maybe even lead in the gym too!

Build up confidence about sport leading outside

Be comfortable with doing 50 mile bike rides

Really stand up when I’m not happy about a situation

Try to be more patient with my family

Visit sister in Italy

Get as much house stuff done before the weather turns nice, then ignore all house things until winter

Accomplishments 2000-2009, (in some relative chronological order):

Graduated college

Spent a month in Europe post-college

First post college jobs: worked at a TV station as a writer, did my first ever waitressing gig and freelanced for a magazine, all during the same 6-month period

Packed my car with 99.9% of my belongings and drove 3,000 miles from Cincinnati to Seattle for first real job as a reporter and real life

Learned about life in small town community; learned that no matter the size, community is community, with all its bitches and pleasantries

Thought I moved out here to be an artsy writing brooding type; found out that I’m more of an outdoors, outgoing, adventure,  photography type

Moved from being a journalist to what I probably should have done initially – public relations (and still trying to figure out that one.).

Loved stories about Indians and their cultures as a kid; now find myself adoringly working for them as an adult

Gotten considerably more bitter over time

Managed to tweak back, tweak shoulder, tweak knees, tear a miniscule wrist ligament and tweak shoulder again. Getting old is a bitch.

Tried hard to not have the heart trampled on; probably suffering some because I haven’t let it happen enough

Never in a million years thought i’d do this: Buy a house on my own

Never in a million years thought i’d do this: Become a landlord

Never in a million years thought i’d do this: Become my own DIY plumber, electrician and general fixer-upper

Learned how to mountaineer, rock climb, road bike, mountain bike and practice yoga

Completed a few sprint triathlons

Learned to SCUBA, went to Hawaii

Learned girls-only trips around the world are fantastic

First close family member passes away – grandfather

Got back in touch with family values and morals

I may live 3,000 miles away or farther from immediate family, but you can never escape them

Mt. Rainier from My Wonderland Trail trip, July 2006

I was going through the Summit for Someone/Big City Mountaineers web site recently, looking for some stuff for my fund-raising campaign and came across this video that describes the program. It’s pretty cool with interviews from climbers, guides and the youth who benefit from all our fundraising.

As I was watching it, I started seriously thinking, Why am I doing this? Who am I doing this for? Do I know youth who would benefit from this? I’ve been so caught up in the excitement of brainstorming fund-raising ideas and the thought of doing Rainier with an all-women team and Sara that I  never actually sat down to think about the Big Question. And I know, subconsciously, it’s been bugging me.

Then someone in the video mentioned Boy Scouts.

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SFS mug 3Help Me Summit For Someone!!!

This Sunday, October 18, I will holding a garage sale from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. to help officially kick off my fund-raising efforts for Summit For Someone through Big City Mountaineers.

I realize this is a bit short noticed, but if you have a pile of stuff you want to get to Goodwill or St. Vincent’s, feel free to drop it off at my place!

Items can be dropped off at my house through Saturday, Oct. 17  at 2 p.m.

Any questions, give me a call, 360.621.5934 or email at everyfrog(@)

All proceeds will benefit Backpacker Magazine’s Summit For Someone, a series of benefit climbs owned, operated by and to benefit Big City Mountaineers, a recreational mentoring program for at-risk teens. Each SFS participant commits to fund-raising and training for his/her specific benefit climb. My climb attempt will be Mt. Rainier in August 2010 with

I appreciate your support and donations!

My Climber Donation Page: