12:36 p.m. Sept 23, 2010

I figured it’s a good time to replace that old (*closing door, turning up Passion Pit on Pandora*) post about how girls pee like guys and where I sleep in the woods. My belly is full of a whole wheat wrap with black forest ham, swiss cheese, tomatoes, dijon mustard and avocado. Earl Grey tea sits in snug in my Hershey Kiss-shaped blue/green mug that I cherish. I purchased it at the Kingston Farmers Market a few years ago. I think. I just know it’s locally made. And heavy.

Speaking of, the Bremerton Farmers Market is today! It’ll probably be rainy and drizzly, but who cares – the market is over in THREE WEEKS PEOPLE! Get your fresh fruit to nosh on and freeze for throughout the winter. The veggies haven’t been as abundant this year as most would like. I don’t want to hear your bitching about it – it was hard, cool summer for our farmers. Typically, we should have zucchini growing out of our EARS but even that we haven’t had this year. That REALLY means it was a bad year for our farmers.

The only downside to today is the lack of chocolate in my desk drawer. I’ve been really trying to keep a stash in the drawer and exercise incredible restraint of only eating 1/4 a bar each day. The dark chocolate espresso bean bar that is in my camp food stash remains there. I keep forgetting to get it out. A coworker told me she didn’t want to purchase a Theo Bar yesterday at lunch, resisiting b/c of the $4 a bar price. Then she resisted the donuts that were in the office break room. She has strength.

But I told her she should have splurged on the bar. She knows the Theo experience. We did the tour earlier this year in Seattle. I buy the bars at the store, but the ganaches I always purchase at the Theo shop. The basil is funky; the Earl Grey is interesting. The Scotch is excellent. The salted caramel – eh. But what’s even more eh – the raspberry/pink ganache, furthering my growing dislike for all things flavored with fruit, without being actual fruit itself.

Oh fruit. The poor little orange that sits on my desk, each day a new mark shows up, showing its age. I have a whole bag of these at home. I thought I’d tear through them, given they are the little clementines-but-not-the-same-as-the-December-clementines. And they continue to sit on my kitchen counter. I can peel the December oranges with one hand; these I can not. And just aren’t as good.

I’m not eating much these days, most likely because I’m not training and working out like I used to. And i’m just incredibly lazy to cook anything, so a lot of peanut butter/bread/fruit for breakfast and the aforementioned wrap for lunch. Dinner, when i’m home consistently, is usually chicken, veggies and quinoa or couscous. But even then I”ve been too lazy – or rather, i’ve been out every night just about and can’t remember when I came home directly from work for the evening and indulged in making real food for myself. Does heating a Mahi Mahi fish burger on the stove count?

Oh STOVE! You are breaking down on me sooner than I expected! This winter was going to be the bathroom remodel, but I’m down to ONE element working on my stove (yes, I know I can buy more elements but I really think it’s the wiring within that’s screwed up). I’d love to get an induction stove like my friend Kevin, or a gas stove, but without having to remodel my kitchen.

AGHGHH! 2 more minutes and must keep writing … OH! I have apples in my fridge with which I plan on making applesauce. That type of processed fruit NEVER appealed to me as a kid, and was on my list of most hated childhood foods, next to maraschino cherries and oatmeal. The oatmeal I force down my throw in the woods, and I’ve discovered that homemade applesauce is the ONLY way to go.

12:51 p.m.

Post note: I still hate maraschino cherries.