I’d never been one for mushy foods. Applesauce, maraschino cherries and oatmeal make the top three. Maraschino cherries just never tasted good. Oatmeal bothered me because my mother would eat it super soupy and it grossed me out. Applesauce disgusted me for the same reason. A little too mushy. Never ate it out of a can, jar or little cup; it just never appealed to me.

Until my friend Liz brought her homemade sauce to a party a few years ago.

A tablespoon and I was a changed woman. I never knew applesauce could taste SO good.

So, inspired by the beautiful food photography and snark over at The Pioneer Woman, I’ve decided to document this momentous occasion. It’s raining and crummy outside and my maple tree leaves are at the height of their bright red crispness. Perfect for filling up the kitchen with fall smells.

Plus, I have a dozen apples on my counter that I never got around to eating. The ol’ banana bread method, ya know? So, we’re working with 8 Ginger Golds, plus 1 Granny Smith, 1 Braeburn and 2 varieties I purchased from Gregory Farm (I don’t remember what they were).

So… after to a quick trip to Goodwill, I found myself an apple corer.











Then loaded everyone up in the 6 qt stove pot.











Oh, another fun fact of this process – I only have one working element on my stove. Of course, only the smallest one is functioning and it’s been working like a champ. Go Little Element, GO!

OK, back to cooking.

Added some cinnamon and chopped mace.











This beautiful little nutmeg.











A dollop or six of honey …












And simmer away…











And simmer some more… I think I added too much water (didn’t have any apple juice), so I implemented the “Liquidy Spaghetti Sauce Method” – simmer like crazy.

Taste test? Hmmmm… needs more suga’….











Mash Mash Mash! I like my applesauce medium texture – so I feel like I’m actually eating SOMETHING (no, I’m not a fan of brothy soups).











Then, Wha-la…. a little afternoon snack. Childhood Fear of Applesauce: CONQUERED!










Post Notes: I wound up making two batches, because my stove pot could only handle so many apples at once. The first round used honey as the sugar component; it was too lemony/tart, even for my tastes. The second batch, I actually followed the recipe in my Joy Of Cooking and used 1/2 cup of white sugar instead. Results – much more balanced flavors of tart and sweet.

So, what childhood foods have you overcome? Or have you at all!?