After wasting 600 words of my brain drafting a negative post recently about how mentally and physically crappy I felt about 2010 and how I’m clueless about 2011, I decided to check Twitter for a second and my friend Katie posted this article from Nerd Fitness:

Well, that was just a kick to my pity-party, Negative-Nelly ass. Kinda like when @RedHeadedWriting bitch slaps the world and tells everyone to stop whining and F’ off and go do something with themselves.

I scratched my head and that stupid foggy cloud over my head lifted. Then I started thinking about the goals of 2011 and the future. It’s all part of the way my head works when it comes to something big: panic, fret, get upset, complain then buckle down and be productive.


SHOULDER – Get that damned shoulder feeling better: The shoulder/upper back/rib strain icky feeling is back. But it’s because I haven’t done my upper body exercises consistently lately to make it stronger and feel better. So – back to that, 1x a week, at least. When that starts feeling better, I can …

CLIMB – I’d LOVE to start sport leading again outside this summer. I’d also like to break into the 5.10s again at the gym. When shoulder can handle climbing, then I can …

BIKE – I’d love to train and participate in Seattle-To-Portland and/or Summit-To-Summit (Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass). I’d like to join my mountain bike girls again for our weekly rides from March-October.

RUN – After having dinner with a friend in August, he explained to me how simple it sounded to train for a half-marathon, IF I have a strong base of running consistently for 60 minutes, which I can. I believe the Seattle Rock N’ Roll will be my goal.


COLLEGE LOANS – realized this morning that 1 of 2 loans will be paid off this year – YAY for 10-year payment plans!!!!

STOCK MARKET – Start researching how to invest and not be intimidated by it.

BUDGET – I have one. And I stick to it. Sort of. I’d like to stick to it more so I can pay credits cards and …


There are several obligations this year that I’ve committed to:

February – North Carolina. Best Friend from College is determined to convince me to move there. There are microbrews and rock climbing. I’m half-sold already.

March – Australia. I told World-Travelling-Friend that I’d meet her this spring in some South Pacific island. The Outback, Kangaroo Island and Shiraz tasting, here I come.

Summer – Many possibilities including backpacking with Summit For Someone mentor program. Climb Mt. Baker and Glacier Peak, rounding off my climbing resume of summiting the tallest peaks in WA State.

October – Visit sister in Italy, who will, at the time, have a nearly 4-month-old baby in hand.

Then there are the endless weekend trip possibilities … I need to pull out the calendar and the books and start calling friends.


Um, yeah. Hmm. That list is WAY too long. That requires another entry in itself. Or rather, taking Type A Personality to the most extreme degree and making a diagram on my office wall of ALL THINGS TO DO ON HOUSE. Maybe make 2012 the Year Of The House?

Huh. The poor bastard who I date next and finds this list is going to run the other way and warn every male he comes across to avoid me like the plague. Ah, yes, dating. Every week my opnion changes about it. And I don’t believe in pushing it. When it happens, it happens. Right now it’s happening. Next week, it probably won’t. And in my head, I won’t get married until I’m 40. Karma probably has me engaged in a year.