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(Video Coming SOON!)

I went into the 2nd Annual #JTreeTweetup sick. Not too sick, just a head cold, but I treated it like it was a disaster so I would force myself to get better. I knew it was bad when I didn’t even want to pack last week; I just wanted to sleep.

Joshua Trees make everything better.

But this is THE climbing trip of the year for me, even if I spent this year training for other sports and laying off the rock to rest injuries. Getting to reunite with friends from last year, make new friends this year, and embrace the post-tweetup glow (very similar to the awesome first-date-glow) was worth feeling like hell the first half of the trip and coming out the other side feeling 100%. There’s just something about the #JTreeTweetUp.

A few notes :

Sponsors: A HUGE thank you to @Rockgrrl who organizes this event. And our sponsors! We were sufficiently equipped with calories, hand salve, cleaning supplies and sun protection with Clif Bar (Luna Bars, Clif Shots and experimenting with Rock Shox), Climb On! salve, Coach’s Oats, Eastern Mountain Sports trucker hats, Action Wipes and Boulder Canyon chips, plus generously donated stickers!

Diversity of People: I love meeting new people. I love meeting climbers even more and finding out who they are, what makes them tick, why they climb and what they do outside of climbing. This event, which attracts folks from all over the country via Twitter, provides such an awesome platform for doing such investigative work. Rocket scientists, architects, farmers, software engineers, hobby engineers, artists, musicians, teachers, students, graphics designers, bloggers, media folks, outdoor industry folks … and many folks are many of these things at the same time.

Why are there lasers at #JtreeTweetup? Because they're LASERS.

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I’m not back yet. Give me a second. Hold on. HOLD ON, I said. Don’t talk to me right now.

(eyes closed. rock formations ahead. belaying at the top of Double Dip with 360 degree view of Joshua Tree National Park. Then down to campfire, s’mores and snuggly feeling of new friends.)


OKAY. Now I’m back to civilization. Just relishing in the last lingering moments of the Joshua Tree Tweetup. It’s Sunday, Nov. 15, at 7:19 p.m. now – 24 hours ago, I was sitting in Crossroads Cafe in Joshua Tree with Jeremy, Nina, Darren, George and Randy, recapping the day, the week and drooling over the very tasty Crossroads food and a Dead Guy Ale.

Not really sure how to write this post. I’m still reeling in the post-first-date-feeling – the glorious uplifting cozy warm happy zone where you don’t want to let go of what happened the previous 24 hours – or previous four days in this case. Read the rest of this entry »