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I’m not back yet. Give me a second. Hold on. HOLD ON, I said. Don’t talk to me right now.

(eyes closed. rock formations ahead. belaying at the top of Double Dip with 360 degree view of Joshua Tree National Park. Then down to campfire, s’mores and snuggly feeling of new friends.)


OKAY. Now I’m back to civilization. Just relishing in the last lingering moments of the Joshua Tree Tweetup. It’s Sunday, Nov. 15, at 7:19 p.m. now – 24 hours ago, I was sitting in Crossroads Cafe in Joshua Tree with Jeremy, Nina, Darren, George and Randy, recapping the day, the week and drooling over the very tasty Crossroads food and a Dead Guy Ale.

Not really sure how to write this post. I’m still reeling in the post-first-date-feeling – the glorious uplifting cozy warm happy zone where you don’t want to let go of what happened the previous 24 hours – or previous four days in this case. Read the rest of this entry »

From – an essay on “Who Is A Climber?”

Quote from it: “It is sustenance as necessary as the air we breathe. Even in the midst of long absences, climbing remains a preoccupation of our thoughts.”

1st Half of Toxic Shock at IndexIt’s an interesting article. A twee bit dramatic but it touches a lot on the constant struggle in my head. I conflict with calling myself “A climber” vs. saying, “Eh, I kind of climb.” I enjoy climbing/bouldering at the gym 1-2x a week, enjoy the gear, getting out with friends, meeting new friends and touching real rock. In fact, I stood in the rain this past weekend at Index,watching guys aid and free climb (and surprised myself by free climbing up wet rock too)  just because I knew I needed to be by some real rock because I’m already getting bored at the climbing gym.

But I don’t eat/drink/breath/think/absorb/digest climbing like most of my climb friends. I don’t have a stack of guide books next to my bed, I don’t constantly talk about it everyday. I don’t keep my weekends open just so I can climb. I don’t spend my evenings pouring through web site after web site and forum after forum researching routes and gear. I don’t have a climbing training plan.

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