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More like Panic Attack.

It’s 2.5 weeks to Rainier.

I’m as trained as I’m going to be, given shoulder/back issues that have prevented a nice variety of cross training. But Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Camp Muir 2x are all under my belt and I did pretty good on each one.

All my fundraising money has come in, plus some – $4,085!  – thanks to everyone out there who was gracious enough to deal with my incessant begging, pleading, dramatizing, party-throwing, cooking-baking and again, begging, tactics.

I have 99.99% of all my gear purchased, rented, borrowed and planned (except those damn hardshell pants – can’t decide if the low end Sierra Designs will suffice or I should buck up and purchase some GoreTex). (and Trekking Poles, please don’t be stubborn and please cooperate on Aug 20, ‘K?).

But there’s one piece of gear that’s got me on edge. The ONE THING I wasn’t planning on having to worry about.

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This is how non-techie I am: I didn’t think I’d need my power source cord and battery pack for a WordPress blog camp in Portland based on previous experience (limited space issues the last time we were there for a similar conference). Also thought I’d pay attention to others and get in a little time on the computer, but not so much I’d drain the battery.

So, so wrong.

So I “twitter”ed the old fashioned way – pen and paper (ohmygawd!).

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