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11:34 p.m. Jan. 15, 2011

It is the end of a VERY long Saturday during Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend. Instead of going out skiing with friends for the 3-day weekend, and because it’s that time of year when tenants tend to pick up and leave, I decided to engage in Remodel Mode. With the help of a couple friends, I’ve decided to finish that bathroom remodel that I started in November 2008.

The apartment bathroom was a disaster when I first bought the house. Flooring was linoleum, baseboards were plastic and warped from the condensation from the toilet caused by the humidity from the awful non-ventilating gas heater, caulk in bathtub was icky and the vanity just plain ugly. I started with just wanting to replace the baseboards and the caulk; it turned into a brand new tile floor, new toilet seal, baseboards, paint and a new lesson in homeownership.

With a few weeks to spare before the next tenant moves in, I bit the bullet this month and purchased a vanity,  sink, medicine cabinet and new light fixture, all of which needed desperate updating – the vanity the most.  I asked the guy at Lowes if that was a bit ambitious for a 3-day weekend. He raised his eyebrows and said, well, yeah.

Well, yeah, you don’t know me and my friends.

It’s three days later and the intentions haven’t changed much. Clayton and I ripped out everything Thursday evening. Friday Candace spent painting. Today, we got the vanity and faucet in. I got the new light installed (I actually really do love doing electrical work) and at 9:30 p.m., started putting back together the plumbing under the sink, after my 2nd trip to Lowes today. And, of course, there are leaks. I think I just need new supply lines, even though these look fine. But as is the case with this house, looks are incredibly deceiving.

Candace is doing a fabulous job of bringing some color to the apartment and I may steal some of those ideas for when I finally do my upstairs bathroom remodel. She knows how to use my heavy duty compound miter saw that I purchased last spring from a friend and is going to teach me how to use it. “Next,” she says, “We’re taking care of that trim in your kitchen! You’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner after you learn how to use the table saw.”

I probably will.

You know what, I’m so tired, I can’t even make it to 15 minutes. I have visions of PVC and chrome piping in my head, with lurking nightmares about baseboard projects.  I don’t know why. We figured out how we’re going to fix that problem. Thankfully, tomorrow, I get a break with a brunch with a new friend, and then I’m REALLY taking a break and charging up Mt. Walker on Monday to crank some fresh air into these lungs.

Thanks for reading. I promise, pictures are coming of the remodel. I’ve been documenting. Incarnations include bare walls, then bright yellow, then bright orange, then dayglo yellow….

Passing out …


(hey, look at that, 15 minutes.)

12:36 p.m. Sept 23, 2010

I figured it’s a good time to replace that old (*closing door, turning up Passion Pit on Pandora*) post about how girls pee like guys and where I sleep in the woods. My belly is full of a whole wheat wrap with black forest ham, swiss cheese, tomatoes, dijon mustard and avocado. Earl Grey tea sits in snug in my Hershey Kiss-shaped blue/green mug that I cherish. I purchased it at the Kingston Farmers Market a few years ago. I think. I just know it’s locally made. And heavy.

Speaking of, the Bremerton Farmers Market is today! It’ll probably be rainy and drizzly, but who cares – the market is over in THREE WEEKS PEOPLE! Get your fresh fruit to nosh on and freeze for throughout the winter. The veggies haven’t been as abundant this year as most would like. I don’t want to hear your bitching about it – it was hard, cool summer for our farmers. Typically, we should have zucchini growing out of our EARS but even that we haven’t had this year. That REALLY means it was a bad year for our farmers. Read the rest of this entry »

15 minutes: 10:56 a.m. July 4, 2010

I went for a run today. I find I typically like to go for a good long run on holidays. Off the couch even, for a good hour or so, it feels great, no matter what.

As I got deeper into it, randomly throwing in hills here and there, mapping out my route in my head as I turned a corner or reached a ridge, making this run longer than I intended, I got to thinking about this whole patriotic/freedom thing. And I realized how thankful I was for being able to run in clean, safe neighborhoods. I didn’t have to worry about being unsafe, kidnapped or threatened. I’m a woman free to do her thing. I’m a person in a country with no rules over my head about how much skin I can show in public, how to wear anything, how to walk, talk, behave. Read the rest of this entry »

10:01 a.m. June 1

AAHhhhhh writing warm up for work. Tuesday morning right after Memorial Day. I keep thinking it’s Labor Day holiday. I don’t know why. By this Labor Day i’m hoping to have trained myself like crazy, summited Mt. Rainier and continue to work out. And establish a strong circle of regular climbing partners. I also hope to go full bore into rock climbing following Rainier to make up for the lack of this summer. Read the rest of this entry »

8:12 a.m. May 19, 2010 (no editing, no apologies)

It’s going to be a big writing day. The past two days haven’t been and it’s been a drag. I’m trying the “work in a different environment to keep the brain fresh” approach today. With hopes of sources calling me back to help add to what I’m supposed to write.

It’s an Italian Caffe type of morning. I”ve received my box from Italy filled with all the good I purchased, including my little two-cup espresso maker and two little cup/saucer sets, which are just too pretty to use. So the odd sized Anthropologie bird cups I use instead.

I’m really going to stick to my 15 minutes today, I really am. And not stop writing for them. No stopping to think, no pondering how to cleverly say something. Just go go go. Now that I’ve had a twee bit of caffeine, just enough to stumble to my computer and turn it on and warm up, let’s hope this does the same to the brain.

Now that life has calmed down, Red Rocks and Italy are over with (YES i know i need to get a blog or two up about Italy), I can jump into training mode for the next three months. I’ve started training with a guy who is a Fit Boss in the Navy; he’s generously offered to provide his professional services to me and Candace in helping us get stronger for our climb. My shoulder is annoying me some, and it’s always interesting to find out what exercise bothers it the most. Running twice last week wasn’t good apparently, but lifting wieghts, with immediate Ibprofin and ice afterwards helped it feel fine the next day. SItting in my chair at work does not make it happy AT ALL. Even though I”ve been through the physical therapy rigamarole, I’m going to see if i can find a back specialist around here that will help me figure out what’s wrong. In the mean time, quick massages from the trainer, with the occassional hour-long deep tissue from a sports therapist.

halfway there and haven’t stopped!

I think stressing out about it more adds to the irritation, and i’ve had tweaked body parts before and i’m funcitioning just as well as i was before, after a bit of time or so. SO, i know this too will pass.

The only other thing stressing me out is my gardens. The weeds. I forget when it gets warm, BAM they all pop up. I did a good job of weeding a lot of the gardens a few months ago, but it was a matter of follow up with landscape fabric and mulch. Only two sections left to do. will i actually get any plants in? who knows. i have to dig up my front yard this summer or next, depending on how many times i have to have my main drain snaked and how much i can save up for the job. hence, why i’m not landscaping my front yard anytime soon, despite my incredibly strong desire to have one of the best looking yards/houses on 11th street. However, I did get compliments yesterday on my tulips and my “Bremerton For Chickens” sign. I”m glad someone got to enjoy my tulips – they all came and went during the two weeks I was gone to Italy. Boo. I do a have a rose in the backyard and some primroses that are still blooming. and my succulents/grasses container box is thriving well. So that makes me happy – to see color as i walk in and out of my backdoor, against the drab of the grey/blue and white trim house. Now i just want to fill the empty container plants with large grasses, vines, colleouses (whatever I have in the backyard), ferns, etc. I’d love to line my brick pathways with littlegrasses too, like monkeygrass, like the way it is in the gardens at Grandma and Grandpa’s old place on Warwana Street.

One more minute!

whatelsewhatelsewhatelse – i hope the weather cooperates this weekend – i’ll be out with the OC class at Castle Peak on Saturday. I hope to do Camp Muir on Sunday if anyone is willing to meet me down there (and dpending on the weather) or I’ll just do Castle Peak again with the class on SUnday. Can never get into too much hiking.


My fingerstips are pretty raw. Showers have helped some, but the soft skin blisters from Red Rocks have rubbed away, only to expose new skin that I pawed with on Leavenworth and Peshastin rock Sunday.

Last weekend was the annual Olympic College mountaineering class field trip – where the students learn about climbing on real rock during an awesome spring day in April. Since I took the class in 2007, I’ve volunteered to be a helper on this annual trip – make sure everyone ties their knots properly, does their commands, teach a fireman belay or two, answer questions, meet new friends and learn a few things myself as well. Oh and camp in Leavenworth because I think it’s just that spectacular to look up at the clear night sky and take in a moment to breathe in that endless sky of stars.

Stella the Honda, loaded for first climb trip of 2010

But this was also a bit of a solo trip. Read the rest of this entry »

11 a.m. March 13, 2010

The magazines that have piled up next to my couch – Better Homes & Gardens, Sunset, ReadyMade, Mine, The New Yorker, Cooks Illustrated, Food & Wine, plus a few stray Real Simples and National Geographics – have finally called my name. Backlogging in dates ranging from six months to probably a year, some still have their protective plastic sheath, enveloping the “LAST ISSUE” notice, which I’ve promptly ignored. Yet, the mountain still grows. Read the rest of this entry »

it’s about midnight here in Ohio. but About 9 p.m. according to my computer’s west coast clock that has not been updated to reflect it’s temporary relocation in the midwest.

coming back to ohio, especially at christmas means many things – bitter cold slapping me in the face when i walk out the door. snow on the ground that doesn’t get taken away by rain. watching gobs and gobs of cable tv because i don’t have it at home (part b/c i’m cheap, part b/c i’d never watch it if i had it. part i’d never leave my house if i did). being a daughter, stepdaughter, sister, high school friend, high school acquaintance, college best friend, college drinking buddy. fighting allergies after snuggling with my dad’s dogs. staying up until 3 a.m. and getting up at 11 a.m. because my body thinks it’s midnight and 8 a.m., respectively. catching up on a year’s worth of news with the high school friends. stuffing one’s face with leftovers, then generally feeling like hell because my body doesn’t know how to digest it all at once as i force it to do so. Read the rest of this entry »

A little 15 minute writing warm up before I knuckle down and focus on the work of the day, which includes some writing and learning about Adobe Premiere Elements. This is an experiment, and all before any tea or food, so we’ll see how well I can execute this. I’d like to make this a habit. (the writing, not the lack of tea and food).

time check: 8:45 a.m.

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